Why I started Pilates20

I have had a passion for Pilates since my early 20’s when I trained as a Pilates instructor after finishing my Human Movement Science degree at university. Initially, my focus was on injury rehabilitation for both athletes and post-surgery. I worked with a lot of elderly people who had had either hip or knee replacements and needed to just get walking again. I fell in love with Pilates and how simple movements with the correct control and focus could challenge even the strongest athlete.

After a long break from Pilates whilst having three kids, I returned to teach and then open two Pilates, Yoga and Barre studios in Sydney. I wanted to take Pilates from the Clinical setting and make it accessible to the mainstream population.

My greatest joy with being a Pilates teacher is transforming not only bodies but also peoples quality of life. I am working with a client at the moment that is only in her early 40’s and has Multiple Sclerosis. The difference only a few sessions has made to her daily life has blown me away. After our first session together she messaged me and told me she had slept the whole night without pain and it was the first time in years. It made me realize that I needed to expand my horizons and make Pilates even more accessible.

So then came Pilates20. Pilates20 was born out of the dream to make Pilates more affordable and even more accessible to the big wide world. We all know Pilates studios are not cheap and on top of other increasing daily living expenses, it is often the things that benefit you personally that you give up first. As a mum, I know this first hand. I used to always justify spending money on my children rather than myself. Well, I wanted everyone to be able to get access to professionally instructed workouts and to be able to do these workouts whenever and wherever. The workouts are only 20 minutes long so that they can fit in with our hectic lives but also still give you a great whole body workout. I also wanted to enable Pilates to be incorporated into existing exercise regimes. I knew the principles of Pilates could apply to any exercise or workout and that Pilates is a great tool for injury rehabilitation and more importantly prevention.

Pilates20 is so important to me because I felt frustrated that I could only reach my local community and felt I needed to help more people. P20 is Pilates for everyone, all ages and all levels.

My aim is to get more people doing both Pilates and Yoga and to enjoy the mental and physical benefits of both these practices.

Give me a buzz if you want to ask any questions about Pilates20 or how Pilates can help you. I am available on Skype or email.

Briony xx

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