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So I recently purchased a myDNA kit online. It was so simple…I swabbed my cheek and then sent it back in a reply paid envelope to mydna. It was registered and then analysed for diet and fitness recommendations based on my genetics. Whilst it is my personal report, I wanted to share the full report with you to show you how thorough it is.

Now, a new frontier of genetic testing can tell you how to eat the right way for your DNA. Each person’s DNA is different, so a diet that works for one person may not work for you.

A myDNA Diet Report can help you to find the right diet for you, for the long term.

What is the purpose of this report?

The overarching goal of our genetic test products is to empower you to take more control in improving your quality of life.

The specific purpose of this report is to assist you in understanding how your genes can influence:

  • your body size and weight
  • your ability to lose weight
  • whether you can maintain weight loss
  • the way your body stores and processes dietary fats
  • your likelihood of altered blood triglycerides and cholesterol.

Once you have this information, you and your healthcare professional will be able to make better-informed decisions about your health management and you may be inspired to make lasting changes to your lifestyle.

What is included in your report?

  • The report will identify and explain your results for seven key genes. Four genes are related to body weight: FTO, PPARG, ADIPOQ, MTIF3. Three genes are linked to triglycerides and cholesterol levels: APOA5, LIPC, FADS1.
  • The report includes advice for the most appropriate diet for your gene variants. We include two different diet recommendations (with sample menus): one for weight maintenance and one for weight loss.
  • There are many genes that combine to affect your body weight, but a handful are the most influential. We report the genes with the strongest evidence that links them to the control of body weight.


What is genetics and genetic testing?

  • Your genes contain information called DNA that determines the characteristics that are with you since birth. These include hair and eye colour, and other body characteristics such as how you process nutrients. You have two copies of each gene; one is inherited from your mother and one from your father. As human beings, we all have the same set of genes, but small variations within each of these genes make us different from each other. These individual variations have been also shown to predict certain aspects of your health. Analysis of such genetic variations provides the basis for your report.
  • Recent research has investigated the value of genetic testing for personal use. It found that people who know their genetic profile are more likely to make sustainable healthy changes to their lifestyle, including their diet and exercise behaviour. However, it is important to understand that a genetic test does not take into consideration environmental factors that affect your genetic predisposition.


So, how can your genes and your weight be related?

As you may know, the main predictor of your weight is the balance between the number of calories you consume and the calories you burn. This balance is controlled by a combination of your genes and your environment. Your genes control your weight from within, by influencing things like how fast you burn calories or the type of foods that you choose, or by affecting your appetite and your body fat distribution. Environmental factors include your lifestyle and control your weight from outside, for example by making you more likely to eat too much or exercise too little.

For each person, the relative influence that genes and environment have on body weight is different.

That is why it is so important to know your genetic background and to consider it alongside your lifestyle. This will help you understand the reasons for your weight and to be empowered to know what to do about it.


My diet recommendations:

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