How Pilates Kickstarts Weight Loss

Many people think they need to sweat it out in the gym for hours or run 10km’s to lose body fat. Well, there is another way!

Pilates has many benefits both mentally and physically and can ultimately help you lose fat and tone your body.


When clients tell me they want to lose weight my first question is what are you eating? Nutrition to me is the first step to weight loss. Following a balanced, nutritious eating plan to fuel your body rather than food deprivation is the key.

The second step is exercise. A balance of resistance, strength & cardio is ideal for fitness and weight balance. Ask yourself – Do you want to be more toned, be stronger and have more energy? These are the key elements I get my clients to focus on rather than I want to be skinny.

Boosting metabolic rate

Pilates assists in weight loss by impacting your overall body composition.

It will give you more lean muscle mass and less fat. In order to change your muscle to fat ratio, you must perform resistance training.

Pilates is a great resistance training based exercise which uses body weight and resistance from machines such as the Reformer which uses springs to increase resistance.

Changing your body composition by adding muscle and reducing fat will impact your basal metabolic rate in a positive way. The more muscle you add, the more calories you will burn at rest so the effects of a Pilates session can be felt for hours after a workout.

Improve posture 

As well as increasing muscle mass and therefore your metabolic rate, Pilates also changes your posture by improving core strength, shoulder & pelvic alignment and will have you walking taller and generally being more aware of your posture throughout the day. Many of client say to me after a Pilates session that they feel like their muscles have worked but they also feel energised rather than exhausted. It is the one type of exercise they look forward to everyday and often the highlight of their week.

Improve sporting performance

Pilates techniques focus on correct alignment and muscle recruitment to ensure a controlled, precise movement in each exercise. This will also work towards reducing injury occurrence in other forms of exercise or sports as the postural muscles will ensure correct spinal alignment and core control when performing other tasks. Pilates can also improve sporting performance by reducing muscle imbalances, improving strength, improving flexibility and neuromuscular repatterning.

How to get started?

So if you want better posture, to boost your metabolic rate and therefore burn calories while resting, tone your body and have more energy, then book a Pilates session today or try my online workout videos at

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