Why Briony?

Professionally trained Pilates instructor and Human Movement Scientist, Briony Tyree designs – and teaches – every workout. With more than 20 years Pilates experience (Briony trained at The Pilates Centre in Sydney and furthered her experience in musculoskeletal rehabilitation using the Pilates Method in South Africa), Briony has worked closely with leading physiotherapists and sports teams including the South African cricket and rugby teams.


Experienced in both strength and conditioning and clinical Pilates instruction, Briony has owned and operated Pilates, Yoga and Barre studios in Sydney. Her desire to make Pilates more affordable and accessible to a wider audience led her to develop Pilates20 – a simple and super effective Pilates solution that can be done by anyone, anywhere, anytime.


As a mother of three teenage children, Briony understands the demands of a busy lifestyle. Pilates20 encourages everyone to fit in 20 minutes a day for their own health…both mental and physical. Each workout is realistic and achievable for all ages and levels.